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Photo Credit: Tim Burleson



21st century
Medium & Support
Ceramic, resin, concrete, and steel
Object Type
Sculpture and Installations
Credit Line
Gift from the James & Judith Moore Glass and Craft Collection
Accession Number
In Copyright
© Cristina Córdova

Beige androgynous human figure standing on top of a geometric rock-like structure.

Much of Córdova's work consists of ceramic human figures that are mostly to scale of the human body.

Label History

Cristina Córdova grew up on the island of Puerto Rico and her sense of place, culture, and identity, along with dance influence much of her work. This androgynous figure, who wears a costume from a time not our own, appears to be captured midgesture and may be looking out beyond the rock they stand on, or contemplating an inward meditation.

Exhibition Title: Intersections in American Art
Label Date: 11/2019
Type: Extended Label
Written by: Whitney Richardson

Isla, the title of this work, means island in Spanish. Though Córdova was born in Boston, she was raised on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, and her cultural identity as a Puerto Rican is prominent in her subject matter. The rock this figure stands on is small and could be seen to represent the island as a jumping-off point, as a limiting or precarious place, or as a grounding force. Another frequent symbol employed by Córdova, seen here, is the androgynous figure. The human could be any gender, and this uncertainty allows the artist to push boundaries and viewer expectations. Dance was frequently a part of Córdova’s upbringing and training as an artist, and the elongated muscles and elegant poses of her figures allude to this.

Exhibition Title: Asheville Art Museum: An Introduction to the Collection
Label Date: 2021
Type: Catalogue Entry
Written by: Whitney Richardson

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Photo Credit: Tim Burleson


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