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Orange With Green
John (from the Ruminations series)
Interior: Zebra with Two Chairs and Funky Fur
  • Mickalene Thomas
    • Tandem Press Publisher
    • 2014
    • Relief, intaglio, lithography, digital, collage, enamel paint, water soluble artist crayon, gold leaf on 4-ply Crescent mat board
Aten Reign
Variation 26, Vol. II (from the portfolio 1 to 40 Variations)
Variation 28, Vol. II (from the portfolio 1 to 40 Variations)
...wind-deer and the honey-grass...
  • Judy Pfaff
  • 2017
  • Woodcut with hand painted dye and ink on Crown Kozo paper, and archival inkjet print on Big Jet Spirit clear film
Random War
Mirror Plane
Choctaw Irish Relation 2
  • Sarah Sense
  • 2015
  • Bamboo paper, rice paper, collagraph print, inkjet print, wax, and tape on paper
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