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Collection LGBTQIA+ Artists Highlights

A selection of artworks from the Museum's Collection made by artists that make up the LGBTQIA+ community. Identity relating to gender and sexuality have evolved over the past century (and longer), and remain a fluid subject. Some artists in the early to mid-twentieth century lived marginalized or closeted lives due to social taboos and restrictive laws, yet many found ways to express themselves through their art. Others lived bravely and openly, using their art to promote social justice issues, including AIDS awareness, research, and prevention in the 1980s and ‘90s. Artists working today continue to explore issues of identity, self-expression, intersectionality, and systems of oppression that affect not only LGBTQIA+ people, but other marginalized communities as well. Careful consideration of these artists have been made after reviewing scholarly research.

Plants That Glo in The Dark Tra-La
10 Stones 2
Sister Resister
Untitled (Detached Corner)
  • Ray Johnson
  • 1974 with additions in 1980, 1981, 1984, and 1994
  • Mixed media on mat board
Orange With Green
Interior: Zebra with Two Chairs and Funky Fur
  • Mickalene Thomas
    • Tandem Press Publisher
    • 2014
    • Relief, intaglio, lithography, digital, collage, enamel paint, water soluble artist crayon, gold leaf on 4-ply Crescent mat board
Beauty and the Beast (Francine du Plessix and Joel Oppenheimer)
John (from the Ruminations series)
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